Glhee is born from the experience of a woman who begins to travel the world from a very young age and knows different cultures and languages. At age 29 with more than 30 countries visited and dominating 3 languages decided to undertake a Spanish language school with a revolutionary teaching methodology, which integrates the academic, cultural and social responsibility of her country, Colombia.

Jasbleidy Cobos, founder of Ghlee, realized that her language and culture is a treasure that many people want to discoverr. It is full of ancestral wealth, amusing words, and is friendly, generous and loving, just like its people.

Whats the story?

Glhee does mean Global language experience, and our name and logo was meant to on representation the Tower of Babel because, today, we all live with the legacy of Babel. When we attempt to understand someone else is “babel” or language, we are entering into the humbling work of loving that person, the culture and the country.

That is part of what makes language learning truly a labor of love.

Intensive Spanish Program

for International Students

Our Mission

Spanish Language – Travel – Cultural Exchange
Glhee will revolutionize the way of learning Spanish

Glhee is a Global Spanish school based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our mission is to offer high-quality Spanish courses, from weekly lessons to full immersions. Based on constant innovation, we provide 100% authentic cultural experiences and an unforgettable way of learning a language to students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

Our Teachers

Meet the Team
Glhee professors are a reflection of our students:
Global citizens excited by education & travel
Jasbleidy Cobos

Jasbleidy Cobos


Master in Spanish as a Foreign language
International Business administration

Edith Silva

Edith Silva


Executive Chef - Le Cordon Bleu
Specialized in Colombian Food

Diana Cobos

Diana Cobos


Expert in International Business and Consultancy
International Speaker

Iván Burgos

Iván Burgos


Electrical Engineer and expert in operations
Project manager

Our Programs

We transform dreams and desires into potential opportunities
We combine language training with cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel to deliver courses and programs that transform dreams into real opportunities.

The future belongs to those who speak multiple languages.
Our Spanish courses can help you talk and improve your skills to face the today´s competitive world.

Your Professional career depends how quick you can advance, transform and adapt to the international environment.
Glhee offers you the perfect courses for your local and internationals colleagues.

Transforming the world into a classroom by experiencing its many wonders.
We develop different programs that includes spanish lessons, volunteer and a 100% cultural immersion to the best and amazing sights and landscapes in Colombia and Latin America. 

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