Learn Spanish in Colombia 

Learn Spanish abroad and experience an exciting trip overseas while greatly improving your linguistic skills. Be it in Bogotá, we provide opportunities that are far more interesting than simply studying at home. We combine Spanish classes with activities and free time, thereby showing you how to study Spanish abroad efficiently. 

In person Course 

Our courses are specifically tailored to your requirements.  With interactive sessions and games, cultural activities with natives,  we focus to build your confidence,  overcome your fears and make your conversation ready. Our expert faculty monitor your progress and customize the classes to help you achieve fluency in Spanish.

With start dates every Monday and programs ranging from 2 to 52 weeks, you can study when it’s most convenient for you.

Whats´s Included

Group Course
  • 10,15,22,5 Spanish Lessons of 60 minutes per Week
  • Levels Beginner to Advance
  • Max 4 students per class
  • Start any Monday of the year.  Except on public holidays
  • Academic Materials
  • Worksheet activities, notebook, lectures
  • Language Test
  • Placement and progress test
  • Glhee Course Certificate

To meet people and continue practising your Spanish

  • Free and open to all students
  • For all tastes: leisure, culture, sports and more
  • We have not season and our wheather is perfect all year round, this is why we organise activities Monday through Thursday, usually in the afternoon.
  • Sometimes we invite local friends to participate in the activities. Is there a better way to hear and practice real Spanish? Additionally, they will tell you interesting things about Bogotá
Enrolment fee – once $ 50 USD

Numbers of weeks Prices / per week
1-4 Weeks$ 220 USD
5-8 Weeks$ 210 USD
9-12 Weeks$ 200 USD
13 – 19 Weeks$ 180 USD
20 – 23 Weeks$ 175 USD
> 24 weeks$ 170 USD

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