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Latin America the world of Business

During the last years, Latin America has become a new option for business, not only because of the efforts that the governments of the region have implemented but because Spanish is becoming a necessity for entrepreneurs and students who want to travel,  expand their business and create alliances in this region. The Spanish-speaking countries contribute 2.9% of the World’s Gross Domestic (GDP).

The most recent study of Cervantes Institute revealed according to the Human Development Index (HDI) that Spanish is the second most important language in the world, behind English, due to the numbers of speakers, the exports made with it, and its official character in the United Nations Organization.  And that is that the language and culture, in relation to Commerce, facilitate international investments. This factor not only reduces transaction costs but also shortens the psychological distance between economic agents.

For many companies, Latin America is a continent of unbeatable opportunities, with countries that, in the coming years, reach a growth between 4% and 7%, and that have inflation levels below 5%.

And if this still does not convince you, since 2015, the region has been identified by the World Bank as a region that has modified its regulatory environment to be more friendly with companies, and belonging to the same linguistic group, multiply the possibilities of carrying out transactions and exchanges.

Spanish is a language that is opening little by little the doors to new commercial and economic experiences around the world, so it is time to look at itas an essential tool when doing business.

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