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with our Innovative Teaching, Customized Classes,
Expert Faculty of Native Tutors
and unique Cultural Experiences
of Colombia

Why learn Spanish in Colombia?

Colombian Spanish is the sweetest version of Spanish for those who want to learn Spanish. We are known for absence of accent, clear pronunciation and pleasant speed of speaking. These qualities make Colombian Spanish attractive for new learners.


The Colombian Spanish  has a soft and negligible accent making it easier to understand and to speak.


Our pronunciation is very clear making our Spanish easy to understand to the last alphabet. 

Pleasant Pace
of Speaking

We do not speak fast. We speak at a pace which is understandable, rhythmic and almost music to learners of Spanish. 

Amazing People
& Culture

99% of Colombian population speaks Spanish. Making it an ideal choice for new beginners to immerse themselves and get to know the amazing people and culture.

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Why Choose Us

Learn Spanish quickly with Spanish courses in Colombia. We have many happy students in over 25 countries who have benefitted immensely from our courses. Here are some reasons of why you should consider us as your friend and partner in your goal of learning Spanish.

Innovative Teaching

Glhee Game based innovative teaching method for Spanish courses

Learn Spanish quickly through our innovative game-based teaching methods to make learning Spanish easy, quick and fun.

Conversation Practice

Practice speaking Spanish

We are committed to make you speak fluently with lots of conversation practice in-class practice and with native Spanish speakers of Colombia.  

Expert Native Tutors

Customized Classes and Private native tutors in Colombia

Our expert faculty of native tutors of Colombia personalize your course and monitor your progress closely to help you reach your goals. 

Excellent Facilities

Excellent Classroom facilities for Spanish Courses

Modern classroom facilities at Glhee ensures that you have a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

Authentic Cultural Experience

Cultural activities and experiences in Colombia

We organize cultural activities in a safe and friendly environment so that you get an unforgettable experience of Colombian culture.

International Study Group

Glhee Students of Spanish Course

Glhee has helped many students and professional across the world to master Spanish language skills.

Our Spanish Courses

We offer a variety of Spanish courses in Colombia which can be customized to suit your needs.  Whether you are travelling to Colombia or have recently moved to Bogotá or want to master business Spanish or have an immersive experience in Colombian Culture to learn Spanish, we are your perfect partners to help you to learn Spanish quickly and achieve your Spanish related goals.

Glhee General Spanish Courses

Recommended for students interested to learn regular daily conversations in Spanish.

Glhee Business Spanish Course

Recommended for professionals interested to learn corporate Spanish to boost their career. 

Glhee Online Courses

Private online classes for Spanish for those international students seeking native tutors of Colombia 

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Our Immersion Courses

To learn a language, it pays to fall in love with it. Our Immersive courses ensure that you speak Spanish quickly while immersing yourselves in an unforgettable experience of Colombia in all its majesty.


An Immersive experience in the capital city of Bogotá – Full of different experiences, pleasant weather and lots of Spanish.

Little charming town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Full of nature, history, tranquility and awesome people to practice Spanish with.

Fee the majesty of the Pacific in the quiet hermitage at this little town on the Pacific coast of Colombia – Perfect for a relaxed Spanish learning experience