Would you like to speak like a real Colombian and do not look like gringo?

You should take account the following tips

If you want to really get into the mood of friends, you should not ask to your friends ¿Cómo estás? It is too dull. You sould use other expression that represent the same affirmation as; Quibuo!, ¿Qué más?, ¿Todo bien?, ¿bien o no? And if you are very closed to somebody you could say ¿’ntonces?

If you want to refer to a woman or a man in a educate manner you could say “señora” as woman or “hombre” as men. But in a informal way you should say; “vieja” for a woman between the ages of around 16 up to 50, in a technical meaning is a old lady. If you want to refer a guy, you should say like the English word “man” but you should pronounce in Spanish.

Use the Spanish word “ahora“/ “ahorita“, which is supposed to translate as “now”, means nothing of the sort in Colombia.

If your friends or a local use  “ahorita” actually means “later”, but it can also be a polite way to imply that something is not going to happen at all.

Please, you need to learn very well this phrase to be a real Colombia is “¿me regalas [whatever] por favor? “. Literally, this means “can you give me [whatever] as a gift please?”. It’s a standard phrase in all the industry.