More than 20% are increasing the tourism in Bogota

According to the figures of the District Institute of Tourism, Bogota registered a total of 1’507.891 of tourists who visited the capital in 2017, this is 18% more than last year. And these figures also show that the image of the Colombian capital around the world has changed in recent years.

For the most of foreign tourists, Bogotá has a special charm, since its cold climate differentiates it from other tourist cities in the country. In addition to this, the Ciclovía system allows them to travel the city and know every corner of the city. Most tourists agree that the historic center is one of the favorite places to visit as it is ideal to walk and marvel at the art of the murals, the architecture and the colors of the neighborhoods near this area such as La Candelaria. One of the most recommended places among them is Monserrate, since the view of the city captivates them.

Another charm of the capital is its people; although there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the streets, foreigners admire the warmth of the people, their kindness and joy that, along with the green of the mountains and the Sabana steal smiles.

Colombian cuisine is also very captivating, not only for the flavors but also the fact of spending in Colombian pesos, it yields more (they come with dollars, euros or sterling pounds), eating well for such a low price is something to highlight. Despite the Hollywood image many of the foreigners have of Bogotá, they found a city not between the jungle and five huts, but mountains and a growing city. And it is to see a church on top of a mountain, and a green wall to the east is magical.

Bogota not only welcomes Colombians who come looking for better opportunities for study or employment, it also welcomes foreigners who at the end of their visit are fascinated and eager to return to Latin American Athens or why not stay in Bogotá forever.