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Colombia’s geographical and cultural diversity permeates through its rich traditional cuisine. The rondon, egg arepas, the cuy and the Colombian ant are just some of the most typical dishes.

Popayan is a great culinary destination and where the National Culinary Congress is held. Its varied cuisine earned Popayan the UNESCO World City of Gastronomy award.

The increased number of restaurants and the new culinary trends set by some of Colombian chefs have made some of these cities a must-see foodie destination.


Visitors can select the literary menu tour of Gabriel Garcia Marquez by visiting key gastronomic-related locations associated with his Nobel Prize work.


Ajiaco is a potato-based stew made with several types of potatoes from the highlands of Cundinamarca, herbs called guascas, corn and local naturally-raised chicken served in typical places like the restaurant Casa Vieja or “The Old House”.


Some of its most staple dishes are: Sancocho de Guandul (pigeon pea stew), Butifarra (Colombian style sausage) arepa de Huevo (Arepa filled with egg), carimaño- las (Stuffed Yuca), bollos de yuca (yuca wrapped in corn husks) and fruits like corozo, tama-rind, zapote and medlar.

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