General Spanish Course


We focus to build your confidence, overcome your fears and make your conversation ready. We tailor our courses to specifically cater to your requirements.  We use innovative game based teaching methodology with interactive sessions,  have expert native tutors to teach you and many outdoor activities to experience the exciting culture of Colombian. Our expert faculty monitor your progress and customize the classes to help you achieve fluency in Spanish.

Course Components
      • In-Person Classes for Individuals or Small Groups
      • Development of Customised Weekly Study Plan
      • 2-3 hours classes daily on Weekdays with Flexible Timing
      • Exclusive Practice Material
      • Weekly Half Day Cultural Immersion activities
      • Initial Assessment
      • Completion Certificate
      • Exam Support (DELE/SIELE) for Long Term Courses
Course Duration 
Competitive Course Fee : 15 USD per hour
General Spanish Courses

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Our Weekly Cultural Activities

Every week we organize mini cultural immersions in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. These are you opportunities to know our culture much more intimately and interact with the local native speakers in a safe and friendly environment.

Colombian Food

Taste the delicious recipes of Colombian cuisine

Bogota Graffiti Art

Explore the awesome graffiti art of the La Candelaria in Bogota

Coffee Tasting

Taste the delectable coffee from various regions of Colombia

Local Markets

Visit local food and handicrafts markets

Important Places

Visit important and iconic places of Bogotá


Visit our popular museums and art houses of Bogotá. 

and much more…

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Our Day Tours Outside Bogotá

We also organize weekend day tours for you to experience the culture of Colombia more deeply in a safe and friendly environments. Here, you visit places of natural and historical importance outside of Bogotá and have an unforgettable experience.  

Cathedral de Sal
Cathedral de Sal

A popular tourist destination, this cathedral is a roman underground church built in a salt mine.

Legend of El Dorado

Guatavita lake is known for the famous legend of El Dorado. It has an interesting history of gold offerings and subsequent failed attempts to recover it from the lake. 

Villa de Levya
Villa de Leyva

It is a pretty colonial town with lots of scenic beauty and many well-preserved prehistoric fossils.  

Handicrafts Town

There are some popular towns where handicrafts are very popular. We visit these towns to appreciate the Colombian Handicrafts and also interact with the local native people of Colombia.  

and much more…

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