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Colombia offers a wide variety of options to learn Spanish. The friendliness of the people will help you learn quickly. The quality and cost of living, as well as the beauty of the country make it a very attractive place to study Spanish.

As an airport hub, Colombia can also be one of the cheaper countries to fly to central and southamerica.

  • Climate: Colombia does not have seasons, beacause is located close to the equator, it tends to have a warm, tropical climate, though it gets cooler as you move into the center and up the Andes to cities like Bogotá.
  • Culture: Colombia is a very culturally rich country, with indigenous, African and Spanish heritage. Catholicism is the dominant religion, we have all year round carnivals in different cities.
  • Cost of living: When studying in Colombia, monthly expenses are pretty low, though they’ll obviously vary depending on your lifestyle. If you cook a lot, you’ll only need 200 to 350 USD per month for groceries.
  • Accommodation: Tourist cities are full of hostels that include breakfast, internet and often leisure, tourist or social activities. There’s also the full range of hotels and it’s not too difficult to rent an apartment for longer stays.  A one-bedroom apartment in Bogotá could cost 400 USD per month, and a hostel dorm bed is typically around 10 USD a night. If you book a Course with Host families it woul be cheaper.
  • Transport: In most cities, and even between cities, you’ll get around by bus. Buses are very cheap, and the interstate ones tend to be huge and comfortable. You can check out other cities for just 20 to 60 USD.

For the longest distances, however, sometimes catching a plane can be almost as cheap as going by bus.

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