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Glhee is more than a Spanish School, it's a Community for people who like to share and enjoy the Colombian culture

Why Choose Us

Simple Reasons

Exclusive and Unique location

We are in the heart of an exciting neighborhood in the capital city of Bogotá, called Usaquen. You will never be bored.

Professional teachers

Our staff is highly prepared to help you in every situation and in the process of learning.

Assessing your level and goals

We offer 3 levels of teaching: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Regulated by the Common European Reference Framework

Exclusive Learning Materials

Our learning materials are from Difusion group, a well known Spanish publisher. We offer activities to immerse you in the Colombian learning experience.

Friendly learning environment

Our school are held in a co-working space that is different from traditional schools. The atmosphere is modern and vibrant.


At the end of the course you will receive a certification of completion.


My experience with Glhee and its staff truly enhanced my six-month stay as an English teacher in Colombia.

Besides being my Spanish teacher, Glhee Director Jasbleidy Cobos, gave me an in-depth grasp of Colombian history, the country’s culture and its geography through visits to museums, restaurants, Bogota neighborhoods and cities and regions in Colombia.

Richard Lee
Richard Lee, Journalist


At Glhee, learning Spanish is more than knowing the meaning of a word. You will learn the fundamentals of vocabulary and grammar while experiencing the joys of Colombian food, music, art, and wildlife. Ghlee makes it as easy as uno, dos tres!

Jane Lazgin
Jane Lazgin, Corporate Communications for Nestle Waters NA


My goals were not only met, but were exceeded at Ghlee. The co-working environment is really motivating and is more sophisticated than the traditional schools I've been to. Jasbleidy and the professors were all invested in my results, not only with improving my grammar and vocabulary, but with regards to the success of my business here- always thinking of ways to connect the dots to help me along.

Cari H
Cari H, Entrepreneur

Our Blog

And Events


APRENDEREMOS PALABRAS EN ESPAÑOL QUE SON MARAVILLOSAS Efímero; (Del griego epí, ‘sobre’, y hemera, ‘día’, ‘que dura sobre un día’). Efímero significa pasajero, de corta duración. La palabra, como tal, proviene del griego ἐφήμερος (ephémeros), que significa ‘lo que solo dura un día’. Esta palabra...

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Cultura colombiana      SUENA A EL PASILLO

Cultura colombiana SUENA A EL PASILLO

Te invitamos a viajar con nosotros por la cultura colombiana a través de su riqueza musical. Es otra manera de aprender español. El pasillo es un género musical y danza folclórica que compartimos con Ecuador, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua y El Salvador. También en Venezuela donde se conoce como...

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Tips para aprender español

Tips para aprender español

En este blog te contaremos algunos tips en español. El español es un idioma complejo al estár compuesta por muchas variaciones y excepciones. En una misma frase puede construirse de maneras muy distintas, sin cambiar su significado. Los hablantes nativos de español somos capaces de entender...

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