7 Funny Sayings from Colombia

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In the Colombian culture it is very usual to talk with exaggerations. These natural expressions play a central role in local humor and helps to describe most of everyday situations.

  1. Spanish: Mas raro que un perro a cuadros Translation: “Stranger than a checkerd dog” Meaning: This would indeed be a singular sight.
  2. Spanish: Más prendido que arbolito de navidad  Translation: “more “lit up” than a Christmas tree” Meaning: Someone is drunk.
  3. Spanish: Remando en arequipe Translation: Rowing in arequipe. “Arequipe is a light brown soft spread of sugar and milk” it’s a kind of dessert in Colombia. Meaning: Something its very hard to get it.
  4. Spanish: Tiene mas reflejos un gato de porcenala Translation: It has more reflections a cat of porcelain Meaning: The person has not reflexes.
  5. Spanish: Se puso color de hormiga Translation: it became an ant color Meaning: a situation turns difficult. 
  6. Spanish: Cuando el río suena, es porque piedras lleva Translation: When sounds the river, it is because carry some stones Meaning: When you hear a rumor or comment about something or someone is usually for something.
  7. Spanish: Agua que no has de beber, mejor déjala correr Translation: Water you should not drink, you better let it run Meaning: When something does not interest you, when it is something that is not for nothing at all, or affect you, you should not get involved or get into the matter, but let it pass.

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